Au Pair-Madrid, España



Welcome to my blog! If you are interested in learning about my journey in Madrid, Spain remember to place your mouse over the tab that reads, Au-Pair- Madrid, España to read about my weekly experience and/or follow my blog via email or WP ! I will be living as an Au Pair here for three months and I am so excited to learn more about the culture, take classes, and enjoy my time with my host family and new friends I will make.

I am SO GRATEFUL to all those who helped make this possible, mil veces gracias 😀 

Well, first you may be thinking, what is an au pair? “Au pair” is a French word  that means “on par” or equal. As an au pair you become part of a family in your host country. They provide you with a home, meals a small weekly stipend and more. In exchange, you will often teach English or another language to their children, bring them to school and back or even prepare meals. My responsibilities with my host family (these will vary from family to family) will be to get their two sons ready for school, walk them to school and bring them to school by 9am. Pick them up by 5pm and either bring them to their after school activities or conduct an English lesson.

No worries, you do not have to be an educator for this opportunity, just experience in child care 🙂 In addition, you have the opportunity to explore the country you are in and take classes to learn their language! When the boys are in school, I will take my Spanish classes and explore the city. On the weekends, I will most likely hang out with the family, but I am hoping to be able to travel to other parts of Spain or even other parts of the continent!

I found my host family through a program called Interexchange, click this link to find out more about other au pair opportunities in Spain and other countries or travel abroad programs such as teaching or volunteering abroad! I am thinking about also visiting Guatemala this Summer for 1 week Spanish immersion with their program. 😀 **NOTE: InterExchange did not ask me to write about my experience. 

I plan on posting weekly  (so my first post will be around next Friday the 15th of Jan.!) and journaling daily, if you have any comments or questions, I’d love to read them/respond.