I hold a B.A. Degree in Bilingual Elementary Education Grades 1-6 with a concentration in Puerto Rican and Latino Studies from CUNY, Brooklyn College. I recently completed my M.A. Degree at Teachers College, Columbia University within International Educational Development and a concentration in Bilingual/Bicultural studies October 2020. I am in my sixth year as a public school teacher-activist who will be our school’s Equity and Restorative Justice Coordinator and Computer Science Teacher (en Español), at a public school located in Brooklyn, NY. Lastly, when I am not facilitating a workshop and working with my community I am studying in an amazing SBL/SDL program where I am furthering my leadership skills through a program with CITE and The College of St. Rose. Or I’m cooking something delicious en La Cocina Girasol! 🌻

Educational Consultant

Teaching for Liberation Book Clubs

Sign up for a book club to craft your anti-racist teaching lens. Anti-racist teaching is an active process, join us in community to actively engage.

  • Sign up for a small private group book club with 2-10 members, start any date! (All sessions are 1-1.5 hours and all materials will be sent to all members present for the workshop.)
    • Available for teacher and parent groups
      • Teacher groups can/will focus understanding their identity as a teacher for liberation and on integrating learned concepts into lesson plans and the curriculum during the sessions
      • Parent groups will focus on their identities as parents for liberal education/integrating learned concepts into their parenting
    • First session free with a commitment of at least 4 sessions!
      • Sign up for one session of 2-4 people at a time? Each session will be $55.
      • 4 session bundle with 2-4 people ($165 – one session free!)
      • 6 session bundle with 2-4 people ($275-one session free!)
      • 8 session bundle with 2-4 people ($385 -one session free!)
      • 5+ people rates vary by book (set up a free consultation to discuss rates)

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Teaching for Liberation Documentary Viewings

  • Sign up for FREE virtual documentary viewings/podcast hearings and dialogues to scope your anti-racist teaching lens
    • September 2021-Teach Us All
    • November 2021 – Precious Knowledge
    • January 2022- TBD
    • Facilitated dialogues take place for 30 min- 1 hr after each viewing (donation based)

Community Dialogue around Healing Centered Practices

  • Teacher/Admin workshops
  • One on one consulting
  • Community healing circles (TBA-donation based)

Culturally Responsive Sustainable Education (CRSE) Support

  • One on one consulting for educators/leaders (donation based or flat fee of $55 an hour)
    • Educators sign up for 4 consultations for a $60 discount!
  • lesson planning support
  • parent support with CRSE/admissions/enrollment/bilingual education (donation based)
  • parent/guardian support with CRSE/admissions/enrollment/bilingual education (flat fee of $99 an hour)
    • Sign up for 4 consultations for a $144 discount!


  • PreK-6th grade tutoring service available for Spanish and English literacy, mathematics and social sciences
    • Virtual or in person
    • Schedule a free consultation for more information

La Cocina Girasol

  • Sofritos, recaitos and homemade spices coming soon!

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