Essential oils? A Mosquito Repellent Recipe

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Essential oils, are they essential? If you are looking for grounding during your self care routines, then yes– essential oils can alleviate your mind to create safe, sacred and brave spaces for your inner spiritual journey. I personally use them weekly and sometimes daily!

In fact, I have been using essential oils for the majority of my life. My mother would often tell me to put tea tree oil in my shampoo to help me with my dandruff and other small remedies.

Have you ever had a roomie who just cleans differently!? I ask this in the most positive way because I remember living with a roommate who only mopped the apartment with natural ingredients. This means her cleaning supplies definitely consisted of apple cider vinegar paired with an essential oil such as lavender or jasmine. I was intrigued, and followed suit.

Better yet, I soon started combining tea tree oil with lemon grass and eucalyptus in a spray bottle to fend myself from mosquitos when hiking or at the beach. Even before working out, I’ll grab an essential oil before any ol’ bug spray!

I’m not obsessed with essential oils, but let’s just say one year for my birthday, one of my students even gifted me her very own home made essential oil spray for me! Essential oils are my jam quite frankly because if I am feeling down, I will burn some essential oils to fill my room with a calming aroma of peppermint or frankincense.

Just knowing essential oils have been used for thousands of years to heal and relieve — affirms my personal use of them, the tranquility essential oils bring, has captured my well being. I want to become an expert in essential oil use, so I hope the next time I blog about essential oils, you’ll be eager to hear what I’ve encountered in this journey.

For now, please enjoy my homemade mosquito and insect repellant: 


  • oils and water DO NOT mix, so make sure to shake it real good before you use it
  • avoid spraying on face
  • avoid touching your eyes and mouth if your repellent touches your fingers
  • for young kids under 2, spray onto their clothes (and not on their skin)
  • apply as often as you feel necessary

Do you use essential oils? Drop a comment below with your favorite scent! 

*If you use a larger bottle, remember to increase the essential oils accordingly.

If you feel like it’s too much work to make you can even buy essential oil bug sprays here:

Bug Away 10ml

Bug Away

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