rockymountainsmeAs my soul


the deadest part

of what was once me,

I felt

my energy

become clean.

I thought

of the life

that it could have brought,

but I knew

it had

to be set free.

I sat

and reflected

on ALL the pain I caused myself


the  past week.

I sat and leaked

and leaked

and leaked

until I became weak.

Until a better part of me–sat free.

I knew my attachment to this cycle was not like one before.

I happened to be intertwined with an energy I felt so pure

It’s mere allure may haunt me once more

Yet my antics have not been healthy

I erased the you and untied the me

That I knew deserved

to be


I do not know if it was love

or mere intoxication

The withdrawal

leaves my body

not in vain

But that pain

feels set free…

As the blood left my veins into the basin

My imperfections

combed out — of the darkest parts of my soul

I find the light again.

I am grateful for this cleansing

That amends my scars

I am calm because

I must trust what the creator will send.