Dalila’s Baked Mac & Cheese

So this past Thanksgiving season I hosted a Friendsgiving at my place with teacher friends that I studied for two weeks with in the University of Puerto Rico this past summer.

I made my ma’s Baked Mac & Cheese and fried chicken. The fried chicken tasted good, but didn’t look nearly the way my ma’s did. She told me it was perhaps because the oil wasn’t hot enough and I need to keep practicing it. She’s right of course, I’ve made it in the past successfully but this was years ago. At the least, Dalila’s Baked Mac & Cheese was super successful and with people requesting mami’s recipe, it’s only right I name it after her! Yes, yes, I am named after my ma! šŸ˜€

To continue, people asked for the recipe in person and via email. Therefore, I decided to post it on my blog and make a new category for recipes, since I do love to cook. Oh and do not fret it is such an easy recipe and honestly one of my favorite recipes of baked mac and cheese.

I hope you enjoy it!!

This recipe is for a half tray of baked mac & cheese or macaroni pie as you may call it.

Dalila’s Mac & CheeseĀ 
2 lb. extra sharp cheddar cheese
1 lb. of Velveeta (should be a block of soft cheese, not stored in the fridges)
1 can of evaporated milk ( I use carnation, NOT fat free or 2%)
2 eggs
1/2 a stick of butter
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/4 olive oil
1 lb. of elbow macaroni
half a cup of bread crumbs (optional)
extra sharp cheddar (optional)
1. Put your water to boil for your macaronis (with a tad of salt I use sea salt that is like a powder)
2. Shred extra sharp cheese
4. Cut Velveeta into 1 inch cubes
3. Pour evaporation milk in a large sauce pan at medium/low heat and add half of Velveeta cubes, slowly mix, once melted add the next half to melt, then add half of sharp cheddar to melt then add then the last half.
4. Pour macaronis to cook for 11-12 min
5. Once macaronis are done, drain and drizzle with olive oil
6. Place macaronis in pan and preheat oven at 350Ā degrees
7. Mix butter into macaronis evenly
8. Beat two eggs and mix into macaronis evenly
9. Then mix melted cheese evenly into macaronis
10. Shake breadcrumbs on the top or more shredded cheese if you want on top then bread crumbs
11. Bake at 350 degrees 30-35 min