Week 7

Well, I just evidently can’t keep up with my blogging life. At the beginning of my 7th week in Spain, I was a mess. This week was an intense and emotional period of my life. I was recovering from being so sick in Spain. I had a terrible cold the previous week, with a high fever and pestering cough that REFUSED to let go. I felt so uncomfortable being sick and recovering in a stranger’s home. I felt like an intruder, an outsider and I hated Madrid, I hated Spain and just wanted to return to the US.

I continued tutoring with a wonderful lady, who would even allow me to vent my feelings towards Madrid. With her, I felt like my Spanish was improving so much! It was terrible and all I could think of was my trip and the end of week to Lisbon and Porto, Portugal. That was my lifeline, getting out of the home and taking some time away from the host family I was living with. Going to Portugal for the weekend was so helpful, because when I came back Sunday night, I felt tired but refreshed and a weight was taken off my shoulders.

Portugal was amazing, I loved Lisbon (Lisboa) and Porto (Oporto) so much, I did not want to leave. I loved Lisboa, for its legal graffiti and fado, which is a traditional type of singing that must be sang with emotions as deep as the ocean. I loved Oporto for its beautiful architecture, culture, views, and wine. Both cities were phenomenal and I will return one day. I definitely was able to see that Portugal was a poorer country than Spain, but I loved the vibe there, it felt sincere.



I literally ate like 5 pasteles de nata in one day!



This sandwich is the French Girl, it contains 7 different types of meats and was so delicious!!


PUENTE DON LUIS I – made by Eiffel’s ex colleague.

Famous library that inspired JK Rowling.


End your day right, with wine tasting at a wine cellar!!