Las semanas 4, 5 y 6 

Wow, I am sooooo behind in blogging. I planned to have weeks 4 and 5 up Monday night but I got soooo sick!! Still recovering as I type 😥

Week 4– I went to Paris for a few days!  I also learned what it truly meant to not understand a language, haha. I learned Paris is too expensive, but has delicious food. In addition, if you ever take the metro make sure to carry your ticket with you because if they stop you and you don’t have your ticket you will be fined. Yes, I learned the hard way, SMH.

In Spain, I felt great about my Spanish and had a nice routine going on. I also came to the unfortunate realization that water fountains are almost non existent in Spain or Europe.

Week 5- I continued to feel progress being made in my classes. I continued getting grossed out by the amount of tobacco clouds I walk into daily. Breaks my soul that so many high schoolers smoke as well. I also began running every other day in El Retiro, had to make use of the park I live so close to! I started to mingle more with people in my school and decided to pick up a one on one class for Spanish 😛

My host kids are much more comfortable with me and we are growing closer . The 7 year old and I we are working on past tense simple verbs and he has an excellent memory!

Week 6– Valencia, Spain was so beautiful! It is literally my new favorite city in Spain!! I met and reconnected with some amazing girls over there, one of my favorite trips yet!! I went to the beach, to Europe’s largest aquarium and saw Dolphins work so hard to perform for us. I just hope the trainers treat them right.

This week I got SUPER sick! I became so home sick and this has by far been one of my toughest weeks. The 4 year old I take care of was so sad I wasn’t able to take him to the library to do English because I was so sick. Week 7 will be better, it HAS to be!!!!

Now for some pictures 😍


Taken at el Oceanografico in Valencia 😀



Can you find my name on the wall?


Talk about a work of art, literally above and below 😀



I got the moves like McJagger 😛 ‘Cause I’m cool like that!


Palm trees always have the ability to make your day better.


Paris was full of more motorcycles and scooters than Spain!

Eating at one of my now favourite restaurants, Bitrotters!!!


I was so excited because this is where they filmed one of my favourite movies as a child, Madeline!