My monthly Metro card in Madrid vs. NYC’s monthly metro

Hi everyone!

Both NYC and Madrid are big cities with a huge public transportation system! I just want to share with you all, that in Madrid until a person is 26 years old they only have to pay 2o euros ($21.73) for a monthly!!!! Versus, in NYC you currently are spending $116.50 (107.21 euros).

It sounds amazing, and it really is! Yes, the metro stops running at 2am, but if you live in certain zones there are still buses available, or take a taxi, or do not go out that late without a ride lol. Although, I soon realised that from around age 6 and up though, parent’s buy this monthly if needed.  In NYC, until a student is finished with high school and qualifies for 3 free rides a day. I think the monthly for University students who are still in studying intensely and probably do not have a stable job, well paid job, need the same type of metro card I have here in Madrid. I would love to be paying $21.73 a month when I return, this is what we need in NYC!! Do you agree?!

Front of my transportation card, it was literally a nightmare to finally get it last week because my host family took me to get it at one spot and their machine was broken. So then I went to another location and I did not realise at this location I needed to make an appointment online and had to buy a 10 ride ticket -_- Life lol
Back of my transportation card for the metro here in Madrid, Spain







**The monthly card that I received works in all the zones in Madrid, it’s perfection! It doesn’t work for the railroad to other cities in Spain, but I am perfectly fine with that.

**The way the regular monthly cards (adults older than 26) work ,is quite different than our metro card’s back home(NYC) because Madrid is broken up into zones closest to the center. Even so, the prices seem better than back home. I wouldn’t mind paying less for a monthly since I would rarely ever travel to let’s say the Bronx or Staten Island.

Kudos to Madrid to making our lives a bit easier as young adults!

I forgot to mention, the buses and train stations all have WiFi ! That can be a negative and positive thing ! LOL