My second and third week in Spain!

Hola mi gente!

Well as you can see I am a bit behind in blogging! I started my Spanish grammar classes these past few weeks and they are going well! I am in awe that two weeks have gone by already! I got a chance to see the boys wake up on the wrong side of the bed more than once haha, they are a joy though. I also experienced taking the metro late night alone for the first time, haha I shouldn’t have been so nervous, but hey I am new to this city!

This blog will be pictures and captions from my past two weeks.

Yes, I am loving living in Spain for the beautiful Spanish language that I desperately need to improve, I am definitely thinking in Spanish more I love it and for the travel! Weekend travel is everything as an Au Pair, do not lose that opportunity, I’ve booked really low cost trips to Barcelona, Paris and Portugal already! 

Enjoy and thanks for viewing xoxo Don’t miss a shot, I have some funny experiences in the captions, keep scrolling!!

HAHA, let me tell you, these past two weeks I REALLY learned what it meant to be an Au Pair!! Running the boys to school like a maniac, so we wouldn’t be late!! Helping the eldest with his English HW, tutoring them in English and making sure they have their snacks when I pick them up. IT WAS INSANE

Iphone panorama for the win!! Here in Segovia, is the best preserved work of the Romans! It has 166 arches and was built with just stone, no mortar or anything in between!! It stays together due to the natural tension from the other stones. It has been like this for 2,000 years and was in use until the 1920s!! 


In La Granja, Spain with Ada the sweetest Albanian/Greek girl I’ve ever met. Before we came to the Granja we were in Segovia and I left my phone in a restaurant and she ran UPHILL with me to get it! Bless her, and my sweet Brazilian tour guide, wish I remembered her name xo

In La Granja, Segovia, with some random student, Ada, myself, Sophia and Sarah! 

Ada, I and Sophia, it’s Greek Afro Latina Sandwich xo . 

Two sweet girls from China studying Business eating with Erica, Sarah, myself and Ally. We were about to try Cohinillo (baby pig) which is famous in Segovia, Spain. It was okay, I love my mom’s pernil way more. Wonderful experience though. 

I love this picture of Sarah and I chatting looking into a shop because we were HUNGRY!!!!!!!! We eventually left the tour behind to grab breakfast lol!! 

Such a great group, I love how all of us holding the banner are making the silliest faces, go Au Pairs in Segovia!! (I learned Segovia means town on a hill in the Celtic language, Segovia’s first settlers) 

Mandy and I infront of the beautiful castle in Segovia, Spain !

Phenomenal shot!

The castle was so beautiful! 


The beautiful fortress

This guy was not playing about his money!!! HAHA, he made sure we tipped him, almost chased Sarah. 

I adore this picture!!! 

Yay to Ada for taking this beauty of a picture.


This was the roof inside someone’s castle, WOW!!! 


A Cathedral in Segovia, Gothic architecture mixed with others, so amazing and breathtaking!! 

IMG_4937Sarah and I 


Segovia, Spain 

Oh Spain how I am falling in love! 

La Granja

Sarah is just too good of a photographer I need to buy her a million chocolates or roses LOL xo. Standing in La Granja, Segovia, Spain 

I am flying!!!!!

Sunday the 24th of Jan. We had a picnic in El Retiro!! It was so cost effective and fun. We were waiting to go to an English book store where they sell bagels!!! Bagels are basically non existent in Spain, so this was phenomenal and they have 1 euro mimosas, each and every Sunday! 

I love zebras!! In this picture I am at el Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales!! I took the 4 year old yesterday, Saturday, 30th of Jan. while his older brother had a birthday party! 

OK so these past two weeks I was definitely missing my love Shamik, wish he was here! 

  I started reading some Junie B. Jones for an easy Spanish read to get my reading skills higher!! haha, who doesn’t love Junie B.! As I am reading this I vaguely recall reading this specific book as a child! 

Some morning inspiration at my language school!! “I can do everything”, I really needed this because it was a super tough week!! 


At the English book shop drinking the delcious mimosas! 
  I went to a market and it was packed!! INSANE Spain! 

Flan in Spain with coffee/caramel, it was pretty dang good! 

Yes they play on the metro here in Spain for money, not only in NYC. This instrument was so interesting, I had to take shot! 


Playing Parcheez (spell check?) with my host mom and their first ever Au Pair, she is super sweet cannot wait to travel with her in the future! 

These past two weeks have been intense, but I am enjoying living abroad!!