The third principle is, Ujima : Collective work and responsibility, “To build and maintain our community together and to make our brother’s and sister’s, our problems and to solve them together.”


As you can see we added to our fruits of the harvest, another mango, more bananas and an avocado. No particular reason, we  just thought as the new year is coming we must give thanks for our good fortunes and health, by adding more fruit. I learned today what to do with our unity cup or KIKOMBE CHA UMOJA. At the beginning of the Kwanzaa celebration we pour the unity cup into the earth or an earth-filled vessel. While pouring, the elder of the family makes a statement honoring departed family members for the inspiration and values they have left with descendants. Friends are also remembered.

I am looking forward to incorporating this into our daily ceremony, we have also decided to our lighting ceremony before we eat dinner each day, tradition in the making…

Today was a beautiful day of reflection on our collective work and responsibility. Ujima is based on a fundamental assumption that African is not just an identity but also a destiny and duty. We are collectively responsible for our failures and setbacks as well as our victories and achievements.  To do this task successfully requires us to partake in self-criticism and self-correction.

We reflected we discussed personal collective work in our families and how we can help others make their problems ours. We realized this past year we have certainly taken part in this and we reflected on our past and current actions. We believe that we can help by sharing the principals and the celebration with my boyfriend’s family. As I type this blog, my boyfriend is sharing with his Pops the past three days and all that we have learned about our new adoption of Kwanzaa. We love how it is an embodiment of how we should live our lives daily. Reflecting on our responsibility to the community as young adults allowed me personally to think about what I am doing with EACH action I take. If they are helping only myself, or all those around me, my future students and all those that I will encounter on my journey…until tomorrow bloggers.

Habari gani?

Ujima ¤