It’s quite amazing how we can feel so alone, but surrounded by some who truly care. The actuality of the matter is no one can take care of YOU, the way YOU can. 

I work so hard to make a better future for myself, but it gets so discouraging when you don’t have all of the support you need. Yes, I am so fortunate to be where I am in life, but I feel like there are barriers. These barriers are toxic and I have to dig so deep below earth’s surface to cool off, and find a different path. I have to utilize the resources I have, while suffering from the ones I don’t. 

I am not writing this to be pessimistic about the world. I am not writing this to be angry at the systematic marginizaltion I suffer do to my socio economic status. 

I write this because to find stability, I cannot just take time to enjoy the “simple” things in life from being so tired of interning, studying and tutoring. Working 7 days a week is a choice, but at the same time I feel like it’s forced otherwise I end up unable to pay for my necessities. I’m like a puppet trying to break free. I want this to end, but if I give up where would I be? 

My driven personality is due to my survival instincts, a poor that isn’t so poor. A hunger where it’s not only from your stomach, but your mind because you just whole heartedly want a better life in a place that says if you work hard you will succeed…they forgot to mention it’s an ongoing thing when you come from my neck of the woods.