A is for Activist by Innosanto Nagara (A MUST READ children’s book)

As I was on a social media site, a close friend and academic colleague of mine, posted a page from this book. The picture book displayed the text “Indigenous and Immigrant,” these words caught my attention at first sight. It did not cross my mind that this picture book was for children under the age of 10, or 5! In fact, I could hardly believe it was a picture book at all. As a child of the mid/late 90’s and early 2000’s, I did not hear these words read to me nor read it outside of a history text book. My search began, to learn more about this picture book!

I immediately googled the title and author and found this site to hear the read aloud on a youtube video. http://www.aisforactivist.com/a-is-for-activist-english/

It is only a 7 minute video, and the depth of this book is amazing, it touches on everything from feminism to Malcolm X, and more! Each letter of the alphabet does not mention your repetitive apple, ball and zebra protocol, rather a radical text to create true critical thinkers for all.

To have the opportunity to share such important factors of our rapidly changing society at a young age, fills me with much happiness. As a child, I did not have this opportunity, but the progression we are making proves to me, that the fight for equality will eventually win.

Our stories must be told for everyone to hear, share this with a loved one, even your toddler to help create a better world for all.

Much love xoxo