P0litics A Pileoftrick


Politics a pileoftricks

Where vivid pictures are depicted

Distorting the minds

Everyone wants to be different but,

Are the same at the same time

Different just divides And, people multiply

That’s why, ignorance is bliss

It cause the blind, to get caught in the mist

There eyes open but, they can’t see

Governments tell us truth

Blended with even more lies

Crime is need for politics, to survive

Its a dirty game with so much grime

Its hard to clearly see the lines

They come game tight suit and tie

To disguise truth with lies

Open your eyes, we are getting two timed

Going to war with no cause let us stop the fight

And, love and unite

Let us all live this one life real bright

Like stars in the night, gold in a mind

This is sight for the blind

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